I read the rules so you don't have to!

I'm a Youtuber with a channel specializing in board game tutorials and reviews. I was introduced to the board game community and hobby in 2015 by stumbling onto the Tabletop series on Geek & Sundry's YouTube channel. Since that day of binge watching, I was hooked! Although I was originally hoping to open a local board game cafe, the pandemic pushed that dream more into the future so my dream pivoted to the world of content creation. 

In the meantime, I still wanted to spread my love of games, and bring more people into the hobby. Growing up, I always hated that feeling of being bored. This feeling was always squashed when I played games with my family and friends. Back then, my main focus was video games, but ever since I discovered there were board games outside of the main stream classics, I wanted to play as many different games as possible! I was quickly convincing everyone I knew to play games with me, but the biggest barrier to play time was learning how to play the game. When the Tabletop series ended, I decided to pick up the tradition of teaching games on YouTube. I wanted something quick and informative that would allow people to play together as soon as possible.

And so, the A Bored Gamer channel was born. “A Bored Gamer” is a play on words for people that love to play games to escape the monotony of boredom. The channel focuses on how to play and review videos utilizing cinematic introduction sequences to help pull viewers into the world of the game. My content speaks to both seasoned board gamers and casual players just starting their gaming journeys. I'm constantly growing and learning new things about the content creation and tabletop worlds, but I would love to work with you and grow together. Let's collaborate!